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About Us

PRO-AM – Southern California’s Waste Management Experts

PRO-AM has been providing waste management and waste control for Property Managers of Home Owners Associations (HOA’s), Apartments, Industrial and Commercial properties with multiple waste bins since 1991.

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Who we are

PRO-AM was founded in 1991 and was the first to offer multi-family valet trash services and multi-bin on-site waste control programs in Southern CA. PRO-AM has consistently saved hundreds of properties money in annual disposal costs by combining in-depth onsite analysis and expertise. PRO-AM recognizes that each property is unique in construction, demographics and turnover. Turnover changes demographics and trash volume generated. A peak holiday or weekend, the first of the month, contractor abuses or missed pickups impact bin capacity significantly. Adding bins or service days do not prevent sporadic over-flow as a result of unpredictable turnover or illegal dumping. In fact, it just increases the cost, as the hauler will not complain when they charge a property owner to lift an empty bin.

Consulting alone cannot forecast trash needs — as turnover and/or business model changes occur and are never consistent in any one area.

PRO-AM found that monitoring savings, recycling, and contractor abuses have become essential in managing trash and operating costs as onsite staff have been forced to cut expenses as the disposal and tipping fees grow. Further, recycling mandates and environmental concerns (and fines/fees) have further burdened multi-bin serviced property owners and managers.

Let’s Work Together


Our services are unique because we are in the trash enclosures up to 7 days a week, measuring bin capacity, usage, flow, characteristics and identifying/reporting contractor uses and abuses and literally, moving trash from overloaded bins to those that are underutilized. Each service day, all properties receive a detailed report of their solid waste and recycle bin capacity and stream. We also report any/all bulky items, vendor usage or abuses. All data is uploaded to our web server for future analysis and statistics.

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We have over a decade of data and statistics, which assists us in addressing each property’s unique needs and changes.

What we offer

  • Experience For more than 25 years PRO-AM has provided solutions to multi-bin serviced properties. All local competition utilizes PRO-AM’s created forms and systems.
  • Pioneers PRO-AM was the 1st onsite waste control provider in Southern California, successfully increasing capacity and savings to multi-bin serviced communities.
  • Technology PRO-AM combine technology with our services to assist property owners in managing trash costs and service levels and providing tools to identify savings and controlling costs.
  • Proven PRO-AM has successfully saved property managers and management companies’ money. We saved a management company a combined $1,421,097.11 in disposal costs and an estimated $48,086.00 in operational costs.
  • Responsible In 1998, PRO-AM piloted/implemented a multi-family recycling program achieving a 72% diversion ratio, resulting in the city successfully modifying the building codes, and downsizing the property requirements for trash areas.
  • Recycling Revenue We insure the property owner benefits from discarded waste equipment and commodities, generating substantial payments.
  • No Conflicts of Interest PRO-AM is not affiliated with any hauler, compaction equipment sales or service provider. Hence, our objectivity is not swayed by potential to profit.
Let’s Work Together


  • Audit Contracts, Service Levels, Invoices, Objectives
  • Conduct a comprehensive onsite Evaluation and Billing Audit
  • Determine Optimal Service Levels Needed
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Determine Annual Savings!
What we will provide

PRO-AM Onsite Services

  • Provide labor to monitor / manage the waste program
  • Provide daily reports
  • Track and report key metrics / issues
  • Provide “Back-Office” features for reports, including savings

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